Saturday, November 1, 2008


i forgot my ipod at this weeks workshop, so i couldn't take home my dune piece and work on it- so i made a new one.


Liz Sedai said...

That is bloody awesome! I have considered reading the Dune series, is it any good?

Scotland Barnes said...

I remember I had this Goth girl at B&N though Dune at me......since then I've had a bias against the series.

Great EPIC look Jer! I think this is your best pic it's all down hill from here. Soon you'll be in the gutter with me.

justin said...

That's really nice, cool composition and setting. I really like the sense of motion that the ship has and the faceted rocks look great.

I was looking forward to seeing the workshop piece finished, but I think you got something awesome out of the situation.

david benzal said...

Beautyful background, you are the master!!
See you!

Danny Saiz said...

nice work. I love the Dune series... well, the first six books of the Dune series. The other 8 books written by his son were just "interesting".

I hope you can find some time to do some more work from Dune in the future.